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Looking for a SeaSources promo code or special offer?

At this moment does not offer any deals on their service. You may try to contact SeaSources directly to see if they are willing to offer you a discount or maybe send you a coupon code. No harm in trying!

Otherwise you can consider an alternative solution that is less expensive. As mentioned in our SeaSources Review the price of access to their service starts at $30 for one month and can go all the way up to $160 for 6 months.

USCGQ - Save more than 50%

A good alternative solution would be which offers the same type of service starting at only $15 for one month’s access up to $49 for a full year. (The yearly price is currently on special offer – normally it is $99)

You can browse the USCG exam questions on the USCGQ site and test out their system before buying - so it is easy comparing services before you make a final decision.

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