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MK-34 CAT Diesel 3508 Operator/Maintena nce

DC-01 Steel Welding

DC-02 Aluminum Welding

DC-06 Small Cutter Damage Control

DC-A Damage Controlman A School

EM-A Electrician Mate A School

ES-01 National Security Cutter MTU Operator

ES-02 Fast Response Cutter MTU Operator

MK-04 FT4A Gas Turbine

MK-06 Hydraulic Systems and Equipment

MK-14 GM Model 8-645 Electromotive Diesel Engine

MK-22 Refrigeration and Plant Operation (Unit 1)

MK-25 CAT 6.25 Bore Diesel Engine

MK-26 CAT Diesel 3400 Series Engine

MK-30 Paxman Valenta Diesel Engine

MK-32 MTU Diesel Engine Operator

MK-36 CAT 3608 Operator/Maintena nce

MK-A Machinery Technician

USCG Boatswains Mate A School Program