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Portland, OR


Combined Radar Observer (Unilmited) & ARPA

Able Seaman

Apprentice Mate (Steersman) Upgrade

Assistance Towing

Automatic Radar Plotting Aids (ARPA)

Auxiliary Sail

Celestial Navigation (200 Tons)

License Refresher

Master 100 Tons

Master/Mate Fishing (Near Coastal)

Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels (OUPV)

Radar Observer (Unlimited)

Radar Observer Recertification

Rules Of The Road

Upgrade Master 100 Tons to Master 200 Tons (Near Coastal)

Upgrade OUPV Inland to OUPV Near Coastal

Upgrade OUPV To Master 100 Tons

Visual Communications (Flashing Light)

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Combined Radar Observer (Unilmited) & ARPA

Automatic Radar Plotting Aids (ARPA)

Bridge Resource Management

Combined Basic & Advanced Fire Fighting

Electronic Chart Display Information System (ECDIS)

Engine Room Resource Management

Fast Rescue Boat

First Aid & CPR

Global Maritime Distress & Safety System (GMDSS)

High-Speed Craft Bridge Resource Management (BRM)

High-Speed Craft Deck Systems Training

High-Speed Craft Engineer Training

High-Speed Craft Safety Training

Marine Deck Officer - Warrant Officer Basic Program (MOS 880A)

Marine Engineering Officer Program (MOS 881A)

Medical Care Provider

Mercator Sailing

Meteorology (Operational Level)

Rules Of The Road

Ship Construction & Basic Stability

Tides & Tidal Currents

U.S. Army MOS 88K10 Watercraft Operator

U.S. Army MOS 88L20 Watercraft Engineer

U.S. Army MOS-88K40 Watercraft Operator

U.S. Army MOS-88L10 Watercraft Engineer

Vessel Personnel with Designated Security Duties (VPDSD)